Hotel Chatbots

How can a chatbot create better booking experiences?

Creating great guest experiences starts well before your guest checks in, it in fact starts when your guest is researching your property and considering making a booking. Ensuring a good booking experience can help you boost direct bookings. ¬†Here a chatbot can play a pivotal role, as it will smoothly guide your guests from asking […]

How can a chatbot increase direct bookings?

Every guest browsing for information on your hotel website is a hot sales lead, so you want to make sure they book with you. The key is to make them stay and eventually finish their reservation on your website instead of going to an Online Travel Agency (OTA). A chatbot can play an important role in keeping your visitors engaged […]

Do I Need a Hotel Chatbot?

A hotel chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversations with guests and is trained to respond to questions related to the hospitality industry. It can be implemented into messaging platforms, like Whatsapp, SMS, WeChat, etc. Since no human needs to manually control it, hotels using chatbots can provide their guests with immediate information, […]

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversations with human users. A simple chatbot matches user questions with predefined answers, whereas an advanced chatbot uses artificial intelligence to expand its knowledge and capabilities over time as it interacts with users. A chatbot is often described as one of the most advanced and promising […]

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