Guest Satisfaction Surveys

How Can I Use Guest Surveys at All Stages of The Guest Journey?

By creating a connection between your property and the property management system (PMS), you can get feedback from guests at all phases of the guest journey.  At the pre-stay, hoteliers can harness guest surveys for market research. However, they can also be used as an upselling opportunity and for optimizing the website experience.  During the in-stay, these surveys can be sent upon guest check-in or a day into their stay at your property. During this phase, it is crucial to pay attention to […]

What is the difference between hotel guest survey responses and online hotel reviews?

Guest feedback comes in many ways and forms, but mainly we know online hotel reviews and guest survey responses. Both types of feedback complement each other nicely, but both give hoteliers different benefits.   What Type of Feedback Do Online Hotel Reviews Offer You?  Online hotel reviews are very useful to understand what is going on in your department, […]

What is the difference between an in-stay and post-stay hotel guest survey?

When creating a hotel guest survey, you have two different types: a post-stay survey and an in-stay survey. Both surveys are directed at guests but with different objectives.  What is an in-stay hotel guest survey? An in-stay survey is a short questionnaire you send to your guests just after they have checked in to see […]

What are guest satisfaction surveys?

Guest satisfaction surveys are a tool for hoteliers to measure satisfaction and gather feedback on the level of satisfaction of their guests. They can be used during or post-stay and can focus on general satisfaction or drill down into specific aspects of the guest stay. They allow hoteliers to gather the insights they need to […]

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