Guest Feedback

How Can Guest Data Help You Be Competitive?

Online reviews offer a wide range of guest feedback data, helping you get ahead of your competition by enabling you to understand your guests’ needs and expectations. Guest reviews are constantly evolving and are different per stay, so your hotel always needs to re-evaluate its strategies based on the feedback received. By using the semantic analysis tool on ReviewPro, you can […]

What Is the Importance of Online Reputation in 2021?

Online reputation was already important before the pandemic, but now even more so. It acts as a reflection of your hotel’s operational reality, as it is exposed for everyone to see. Guests will keep sharing their experiences through online reviews and will have higher expectations than before. They want to feel safe and enjoy their stay at the same time.   Potential guests will continue reading online reviews […]

How to Handle Negative Guest Reviews?

No matter how hard we try, negative guest reviews can always happen. Do not take it personally but respond to your guests and listen to what they have to say as it can help you identify the areas of improvement you should prioritize. How should I respond to negative guest reviews?  Responding to guest reviews is essential, especially when they […]

What is guest feedback?

Guest feedback is the response from guests in the form of online reviews, guest survey responses, or guest messaging communication. It can be used to understand the guest and guide the resolution of issues that are affecting the guest experience. Why Is Guest Feedback Important? Guest feedback can be used in a number of different […]

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