Guest Experience

Can messaging help create more personalized guest experiences?

Personalization is so much more than just welcoming back a returning guest or suggesting recommendations based on their previous stays.   Why Is Personalization Important?  The hospitality industry is rapidly undergoing a lot of changes, but the core remains the same: create remarkable guest experiences, that create memories for years to come. How to do this? Create an experience tailored to the needs of your guest. Personalization […]

Does guest messaging increase guest loyalty?

Messaging has quickly become the preferred channel to communicate with friends and family, but in the last few years also to communicate with brands. The channel is a much more personalized and direct way to interact with guests than email, for example. This makes it a great channel for hoteliers to create better guest relationships, which can increase guest loyalty.   Guest Messaging […]

Why is guest experience important?

The very core of hospitality is a great guest experience. It should also be central to your hotel operations because getting it right means that guests will talk positively about your hotel in online reviews, and even return to your hotel as loyal customers. The best type of marketing is a happy guest, so you […]

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